Improving The Energy Efficiency of Your Home

Is your home’s energy bill constantly going up, or simply higher than you would like? It is important to insulate your home, and improve its energy efficiency so that you can retain more heat in the winter, and cool air in the summer.

Your home is a thermal envelope. Anything that is underneath your roof, and located inside your walls and windows is inside the envelope. In order to keep more cool air in your home during the summer, you want to have a properly insulated home and strong thermal envelope. The less air that escapes in the winter or summer, means the less your home will need your A/C unit to work overtime.

In this article, we are going to review some of the ways that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home:

Replacing Single-Pane Windows

One of the most problematic spots for most homes that suffer from warm/cold air escaping from their home is from poorly insulated windows. If you have an old home, you likely have outdated windows that are not equipped with modern energy efficiency technology. Dual-pane windows offer better insulation features. If your windows have cracked panes or don’t fit properly, then they need to be replaced as they are a source of air escaping your home. Old windows are one of the most notorious spots for heat escaping from your home during winter.

As a way to save on your energy & electric bill, you can hang up blinds in front of your windows to help mitigate heat-loss. Additionally, by allowing sunlight to enter your home during the day, you can allow the sun to light up your house with natural light!

Fully Sealed Doors

Similar to windows, doors are also a notoriously problematic spot for allowing warm/cold air to escape and enter your home if not properly sealed. Check to see if your doors are fully shut, or if you can feel a draft entering your home. Just like there is new technology with windows that wasn’t available 10 and 20 years ago, there are also many new styles and types of doors today on the market. These new doors offer more energy efficient options that can help keep your home warm in the winter months without letting warm air escape! If your front door has a mail slot, that is another spot that could be allowing outside air into your home.

Examine Attic Insulation

Have you ever checked on the insulation in your attic and crawlspace to see what condition it is in? Does your home get overly hot on your top floor in the summer? Does your home not feel like it transfers cool and hot air properly? Check to see if your insulation is thinning. If your insulation is not properly installed, it could also allow for ice dams to formulate in the winter months. This is when cool air from the outside clashes with the warm air escaping from your roof, forming ice dams!

Replacing An Old Roof

A leaky, old, or damaged roof can also minimize your home’s energy efficiency. Cracked and missing shingles can provide an access way for not only water into your home, but air to escape as well. You want to ensure that your flashing is properly installed, and all shingles are adhered. If energy efficiency is a priority for you, a metal roof may be worth considering. New insulation & a metal roof could create an almost ‘air tight’ system for your home.

Minimize Electrical Use

The easiest way to lower your energy bill is by turning off lights when not in use, and unplugging unused appliances.

Energy Efficient Baltimore Exterior Contractors

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