Roof Replacement

Frequently Asked Questions About Having Your Roof Replaced

One fact of reality of owning a home is that there will always be maintenance and up-keep required. This is especially true when it comes to the exterior of your home, including your roof. Your roof is one of the most important investments you will make in your home, so you want a quality roof that will last for years with quality materials and craftsmanship. While you want to maximize the lifespan you get from your roof, at some point you will likely need to have it replaced.

A new roof is not an insignificant cost. Many homeowners frequently ask “can we patch it up one more time” or inquire about patch-up repairs in order to buy extra time on the roof. Sometimes this is possible, but it often is just pushing off what is really required, and could lead to more costly repairs if the roof caves or suffers catastrophic roof failure.

What is the cost to replace my roof?

The most frequently asked question when it comes to having a roof replaced is in regard to the price and cost. And understandably so, a roof is a sizable investment, and many homeowners want to know what they will need to budget for their home improvement project.

Prior to measuring and inspecting your roof, this is not an easy answer without having those specifications available. Every home is different. Naturally, a 10,000 square foot church with a metal roof is going to have a more expensive roof replacement than a 2,500 square foot single family home with asphalt shingles.

There are several factors in determining the cost of a roof replacement. The most significant is the square footage and size of the roof being replaced. In the example above, a 10,000 square foot roof replacement will cost more than a 2,500 square foot replacement. The pitch of the roof is an important consideration, as is the accessibility to the roof. Will there be a tear off of the previous roof? Will the decking need to be replaced? What kind of underlayment?

Additionally, as important as the size of the roof is to the cost, the material being installed is just as significant. Asphalt shingles will tend to be the most inexpensive. A metal roof can offer longer warranties and lifespan, but can be 2-3x the cost of a shingle roof. A slate or tile roof are also more expensive than shingles.

This is why it is not possible to give an estimate without knowing the measurements of the roof, and the material wanting to be installed.

How do I know if my roof can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced?

Aside from the question of “cost”, the other most common question asked is whether a roof’s life can be extended with roof repairs, or if the roof truly needs to be replaced.

To answer this question, we need to know about the roof, and a visual inspection is key. Age is one of the most important factors when it comes to repair vs replacement. The older a roof is, the more brittle the shingles become, and the more difficult it is to repair and guarantee that the repair will hold up.

A roof that is 5 year old should not be leaking, assuming it is installed correctly. A 17 or 25 year old roof may be at the end of its life, and not be possible to safely repair.

If your roof is leaking, a roofing professional can inspect why that is happening. Do you have a few missing shingles? Do you have leaks around your flashing? A professional will pinpoint and identify where the leak-spots are, and whether it can be rectified with repairs. When there are structural problems, sagging or other potentials for a roof to cave in, a roof replacement will be required.

During our inspection, a technician can also look for any signs of storm damage, curling or broken shingles, or hail damage. This is the best way to fully ascertain whether repair or replacement is needed.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover having your roof replaced?

Another question that we frequently hear from homeowners (and building owners as well) is whether their homeowner’s insurance can cover the costs of having their roof replaced. The answer to this one, is it depends. Your homeowner’s insurance can most certainly cover the cost of having your roof replaced, but it is dependent on the damage to your roof, whether it was an “Act of God”, and so forth.

You can contact your insurance carrier directly to ask them if it is a claim that they will cover, and information about your policy details. Your insurance carrier may send out an adjuster to your property to inspect your roof.

In Baltimore, we are not immune from powerful storms annually. From hail storms, to wind storms, to snow storms, hurricanes and ice dams, there are no shortages of inclement weather! If a powerful wind storm blows off shingles from your roof, or hail impacts your roof, siding and gutters, you may be eligible for replacement through your homeowner’s insurance. Your carrier can provide you specific about your policy.

However, you can also contact us if you would like an unbiased, professional storm damage roofing inspection to give you our thoughts as well. We can provide a comprehensive inspection to help you look for missing, broken and damaged shingles, and other signs and hail and wind damage.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

This also depends on the size of your roof, as well as the material being installed. The more difficult it is to access and reach a roof, the more challenging it is to replace – creating a longer completion time. Another factor is Mother Nature, with wind, snow, and rain in the forecast, it can cause delays and force the job to be pushed back until the weather cooperates. One of the reasons you should hire a professional Baltimore roofer is in their project management and build forecasting. A well-managed company will ensure that your roof is scheduled to be built on a clear day to avoid potential issues from exposing your home to rain during the install.

With all of that being said, in most cases, a shingle roof can be installed on a single family home in as little as one day! While there are always exceptions to the rule, if the crew starts early, a shingle roof can be fully installed by the time you get home from work or before dinner that evening! Your roofing contractor can discuss this with you to set realistic expectations before the install process begins.

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