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PVC Roofing Contractor in Baltimore

PVC roofing is a single-ply membrane that provides a set of benefits that are unmatched by rivals. A PVC roof contains two layers with polyester being added between the two layers to act as support. Among the notable advantages of PVC, roofs include durability, strength, and resistance to fire, wind, chemicals, and moisture. Furthermore, PVC roofs are always selected by homeowners who want to install an eco-friendly roof system over their low slope or flat roofs.

Unique Features of PVC Roofing


This is one of the vast advantages of PVC roofs. They are firm because of their hot-air welded seams which form a stronger bond than the membrane itself. This gives PVC roofing membrane and competitive edge over other systems, which heavily depend on adhesives, caulks, and seams, which make them less durable.

Resistance to Wind

PVC roofs have unique wind resistance capabilities, courtesy of their hot-air welded seams. In fact, they have even withstood hurricanes in the past. Therefore, if you reside in a region that experiences storms and strong winds, PVC roofing is a perfect choice!

Resistance to fire

PVC roof membranes have a good fire rating. These roofs burn slowly, do not combust, and are not ignited easily. They have passed the UL and FM fire testing, and contain unlimited slope approval.

Environmental Friendly

Several environmental advantages are connected to PVC roof membranes. For instance, their high reflectivity reduces energy waste and AC load, reduces monthly cooling and heating costs, and minimizes the Heat Island
effect on urban areas. Furthermore, Vinyl is one of those roofing materials that can be completely recycled into new products after several decades of useful life


PVC roofs are particularly engineered with hot-air welded seams that are stronger than the membrane. This is great for shelters where penetration is a significant issue.

Long Service Life

Remarkable strength and durability cause PVC roofs to have a longer useful life. Properly installed PVC roofing can last for more than two decades. This implies once you install a PVC roof, you will be saving a lot of money on costly repairs and maintenance.

Six Things to Look for When Selecting a PVC roofing Contractor in Baltimore

There are so many PVC roofing contractors near you, but how do you choose the best out of them? Here are the six tips that will assist you in selecting the best PVC roofing contractor in Baltimore:


You should hire a contractor who has been in business for a while. This is because an experienced roofer will possess the resources, expertise, and knowledge to perform the job without any bottlenecks. Additionally, they will give you accurate answers to all your roof problems promptly.

Insurance is a Must!

Never hire a PVC roofing company that does not have liability and workers compensation insurance. Always request to be given their insurance certificate and call their insurance to make sure that it’s valid. Without this, you may end up paying thousands of dollars to compensate workers who are injured in your project.

Seek for Recommendations

Ask your family and friends for recommendations. They will be able to offer you an honest review into companies that they have used in the past and whether those contractors are worth hiring again. This will help you to know about the contractor’s workmanship and customer service.

Hire Locally

If you reside in Baltimore, then hiring a local PVC roofing contractor would be a plus! This is because you will be able to know whether or not the contractor has established a positive reputation with the local community.


A reputable PVC roofing company will offer a warranty on their roofing materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, they can provide a guarantee for labor and construction. Therefore, you need to look for a well-established Baltimore PVC contractor.

Price should not be the sole determinant

Just because a contractor offers the lowest bid does not mean that he will do quality work! A remarkably low estimate usually is a warning sign to other problems. Mostly, small bidding contractors use cheap materials or shoddy techniques to maintain their ridiculous cost. Request to know how your contractor arrived at the final estimate before you sign the contract. If you want to hire a reputable PVC roofer in Baltimore, then don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate today.

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Xpress Exterior Design was born from a need in the Baltimore metro for a trusted, reliable, dependable roofing contractor. With over 50 years of combined experience in roofing and home improvement, we wanted to set out to become a household name you can trust. We stand behind quality workmanship and educating all of our customers. As your service provider we will ALWAYS aim to satisfy you.

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The answer to this depends on several key factors. The first of which is the size of your commercial roof. A 5,000 Square Foot roof will take a much shorter time to complete than it will to tear off and replace a 450,000 Square Foot roof. Second, does your roof have one layer or multiple layers? Multiple layers will likely add more time to the duration of your roof replacement. Other factors include the scope of the project and all of the components that need to be replaced. Third, the type of roof that you are looking to have put on is important. A roof coating can be directly applied over your existing roof and is the least disruptive. A coating would likely take less time than it will to tear-off and replace a TPO or rubber roof. Weather also plays a crucial role as Mother Nature can dictate if a project needs to be rescheduled. Prolonged storms could push the project’s completion date back.

Mother Nature is very unpredictable, and can disrupt even the strongest roof. Excessive winds & hail stones can penetrate and impact your roof. If left unrepaired, minor leaks and punctures can turn into major leaks or catastrophic roof failure. The best option after any storm is to schedule a free storm damage roofing inspection to have a professional provide an expert opinion. It is a good idea to have a roof inspection at-least twice a year for your commercial roof to check on its health bi-yearly.

When your flat roof starts leaking, that can serve as the most visible symptom that something in your roofing system is broken. If you have a newer roof, a leak may just be a minor and inexpensive fix. However, as a commercial roof ages, it becomes more brittle and vulnerable to the elements. It becomes more susceptible to each storm that passes through. One major wind storm or hail storm can cause catastrophic roof failure. The older a roof becomes, the more difficult it is to safely repair it. In some cases, repairs to aging roofs can cause more damage, and are difficult to guarantee as the patch may only hold for a short while. Not all roofs require full roof replacement, and some older roofs can qualify for roof restoration, which means having your roof spray coated which can extend the life of your roof for 10 or 20 years. A roof coating can cost 50% less than having your roof fully replaced, and is a strong option to consider for many.

What Should I Look For in a Commercial Roofing Contractor?


Should I Choose To Replace My Roof Or Restore It?


How Long Can a New Commercial Roof Last?



Not all commercial roofers have the same level of expertise or experience. The roof on your building is one of your most valuable investments, and keeps your tenants and their inventory safe. A leaky roof can disrupt a business’s day to day and damage valuable inventory. Moreover, a commercial roof replacement is an involved process, and the more efficient your roofer is, the quicker they can get out of your way and allow your business to resume normal day to day functions. You should consider a commercial roofers previous customer reviews, their gallery of flat roof jobs, their experience doing commercial jobs, the warranty, price, and the materials they are proposing to use. Quality and reliability of a commercial roofer are two of the most important factors.

This is an excellent question – with many building owners and property managers not even realizing that roof restoration and roof coatings are possible! In many instances, not all commercial flat roofs, low slope roofs & commercial metal roofs require being fully replaced! The solution is to have a roof coating applied over-top of your existing roof, restoring it, and providing it an extended 10 or 20 years lifespan. Roof coatings are less disruptive than having your roof entirely replaced. Roof coatings can also save you as much as 50% as compared to having your roof entirely replaced. Unfortunately, not all roofs are candidates, particularly if your roof has suffered extreme hail damage. This can be discussed during your free inspection.

This will depend on the type of roofing system that you decide to have installed on your building. Roof coatings, TPO, metal, rubber and rolled roofs all have different lifespans that we can discuss with you during your free inspection. Climate and environment can also play a role in the lifespan of your new commercial roof as hail and excessive wind can both wear down and break your roofing system. Lastly, the roofing contractor’s craftsmanship can impact how long your new roof lasts, as a contractor that does not adhere to manufacturer code and guidelines can not only void your warranty, but significantly decrease the lifespan of your roof.